About Psychotherapy and Counselling

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy offers an in-depth and open-ended opportunity to explore life in all its aspects: mental; emotional; physical; sexual and spiritual. Exploring what drives you unconsciously is a key focus. The relationship with your psychotherapist facilitates opportunity for self-discovery and insight into your patterns of relating. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy aims for significant and lasting change in our personality and ways of relating; enabling us to live life more fully and freely.

Sessions are between once and several times weekly.

I am a graduate of the Guild of Psychotherapists’ Training in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy January 2014 and accredited by the UK Council for Psychotherapy.



Psychodynamic Counselling is a model of counselling which aims to make us more aware of what goes on for us unconsciously; bringing the possibility of making new choices and managing the issues which concern us differently. The model uses a triangle of insight: our relationships with significant people in the past; our relationship with ourselves and others in the present and the relationship in the room between counsellor and client. The psychodynamic model also aims to bring about significant and lasting change.

Sessions are once weekly.

I am a qualified psychodynamic counsellor, holding a WPF Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling 2006. My training was accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, CBT, is a therapy recommended by NICE (the National Institute for Clinical Excellence). CBT explores the relationships between our thoughts, feelings and behaviour and facilitates change through enabling realistic thinking. I offer CBT for help with anxiety, panic, OCD and challenging negative thinking.

Sessions are once weekly.

I have a WPF Post-Qualifying certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 2007.